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Re: Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump (Betsy)

Unfortunately, some of these jerks think the pump is a prize and that by
taking you off it they are 'punishing' you.  I went into a new Drs office with
a high HbA1c after the holidays back in 1997 and he said "THAT is too high! I
am taking you off this machine! You are not good on it...."

I found out that he has had little to no experience with the pump, and I
promptly left, saying I would not be coming back.

He really acted like it was a treat to be a pumper and that taking me off it
would 'show me a thing or two'... He was a stupid little twerp who never saw
my behind in the office again!
Jenny Sutherland
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  From: email @ redacted

  I fail to uderstand how taking you off the pump is going to help your
  diabetes.  AS for the weight you should be very proud of yourself having
  62 pounds!  Give yourself a big pat on the back (IF you can't reach it, have
  someone else do it for you!).  I'm sure glad you have some friends in the
  diabetes field who are helping you restart the pump.
  Best wishes,
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