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Re: [IP] New at pumping insulin

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Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: David Orr

  Hello all,
  this is the strangest chat I have ever used but I will give it a try.

  I have several questions.
  1.Does any body pump with regular?
  --------I used to 'til I got humalog and it was better.

  2. Any body use the diesetronics Dtron? or Htron?
  -----Been using H-TRON and upgraded to H-TRON Plus in 1998.

  3. where do you get your suppies from?
  ------Sometimes I buy them direct from the company, but my insurance demands
I get the pump supplies from a specific supplier.  I can get my regulat meds
at any local pharmacy which takes Medi-Cal.  My insulin, testing stuff and
other meds I need I can get at Sav-On or a pharmacy which delivers near here.

  these may be personal questions but these are my concerns. I don't want to
  start any argument over which is better just need more spefic info from
  those in similiar situations.

  thanks all
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