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Re: [IP] tight jeans retard insulin release?

>Wondering if the close fit was stopping the insulin from flowing from the 
>pump to the site,

Out of my experience I would have to say no.  the tubing that you see is 
not the tubing that caries the insulin the tubing that carries the insulin 
is allot smaller and runs inside the insulating tubing which you see.  one 
thing to do is to take an old set and stretch it out until it breaks and 
this will show the actual insulin tube, the rest is just to protect the 
insulin.   what might of happened is if you had the pump in your pocket or 
something that would cause the tubing to get kinked right at the site of 
the "hub" where it connects to the pump.  I have had my tubing get tied in 
a not that could not be undone and yet still had perfect insulin flow.

yet thats just my experience

Brian Carter
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