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[IP] tight jeans retard insulin release?

As a new pumper, I need to ask your help.

Yesterday, I had some abnormal highs (232, 242, 263) in the afternoon.  I had
put on my favorite old jeans that are a bit tight.  Wondering if the close fit
was stopping the insulin from flowing from the pump to the site, I changed to
a pajama like pants.  Half hour later, I was down from 242 to 184.  Two hours
later I was 115 (after dinner and a bolus).

So, on a set of one, am I to conclude that tight belts, pants, convoluted
tubing will retard my insulin flow.  Makes sense.  I read about people here
wearing pantyhose(and putting their pumps in them) and latex exercise outfits
with no problem.

 I just wonder if any of you have experienced a "stoppage" or "slowness"
because of control top hose, minor tightness of attire, etc.?
Was this a flux or is this a real situation to address when I dress.
Kathie W.
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