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When I sent out an email yesterday asking for support on convincing Gates
that diabetes R&D needs money my ultimate goal was to get the little stories
about the hardships and stuff of having to deal with D every day.  Alot of
you sent those replys and I thank you.  I just wanted to get this
information along with the facts such as blindness-how many people have the
disease and stuff like that.

I in no means tried to make this a post slandering AIDS or HIV positive
individuals.  I am not going to nor was I ever going to mention AIDS in my
letter.  MY concern is diabetes and those of us on this list that are
effected by this horrible disease.
Posting our opinions about AIDS is just going to start trouble because
everyone has a different opinion.
If you are going to reply to my original post on Bill Gates and R&D for OUR
disease please please please do so.  I have gotten alot of info already but
I could use more.
Lets just keep it on the original subject as I hate to see arguments on this

Mel...still waiting for more replys :)
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