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Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump

email @ redacted wrote:
> I find this to be true at the local hospital's diabetes support group
> meetings.  I go out of desperation, hoping it will be good.  I know no other
> diabetics in my life.  They always talk about the same things, what you can't
> eat.  I went to one meeting where my endo talked and carefully explained that
> a carb was a carb and you can eat anything, it just didn't sink in at all...

In my town, there are 2 support groups available -- one is comprised
almost entirely of Type 2's and the other one is a pumper's group,
composed of all Type 1's except me. 

I'm a fence-sitter, neither Type 1 nor Type 2, so I can get into the
mind-set of both groups, and it does seem true that the way of thinking
is very different. We've discussed this before, so I won't go into it
again, except that I do relate to and understand both groups. 

For my own personal needs, the pumper's group is the better fit, BUT
every once in a while I go to the other group, just to keep myself aware
of Type 2, and to build whatever bridges I can. 

Ultimately, one's reaction to diabetes is very personal, and must be
tailored to fit your own needs and desires, so if it helps people feel
virtuous not to eat sugar, then so be it. If they comment on what *I*
eat, I gently tell them that my diabetes is different from theirs, and
I'm fortunate to be able to eat what I want with no ill effects. 

When I was in Romania, I had a bout of stomach upset and diarrhea, and I
really couldn't face eating any food, so I sipped on a regular Coke
throughout the day. There was an elderly gynecologist there, and he told
me "You really mustn't do that, you're diabetic!"  Well, he was telling
me that out of concern, and really felt that he knew what he was talking
about -- so I just smiled at him and did what I knew *I* needed to do. 

I'm ultimately in control of my own body, and I take that responsibility
pretty seriously (not TOO seriously!  :)  ). So, after due
consideration, I don't really heed what other people may think, unless I
know they're right.


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