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Re: [IP] People Magazine-type of question

It's not shallow, I've wondered the same thing.  My guess is that she doesn't.
Otherwise, she'd speak about it.
Then again, in the entertainment business one faces discrimination if they
have 'afflictions' and so many stars will not go too much into detailo about
it. I think she could be more open now as she's quite wealthy and runs her own
production company.

Halle Berry has diabetes too, and I was wondering about the car accident she
was in and hyperglyceamia.....
Jenny Sutherland
  Hi Folks,
  I hate to be shallow but I am curious if Mary Tyler Moore uses an insulin
  pump.  If this has been discussed before, I missed the thread.  I also
  wondered what other celebrities are Type 1 and use an insulin pump.

  Just curious...
  kindest regards,
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