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[IP] hking with pump

Hi everyone.  Had a long tramp (hike) organized for the weekend and was a
little nervous about bgs, pump, etc. especially as I was with people I
didn't know too well.  I changed my infusion set Friday night, but
sometimes encounter real problems within the first day of a new infusion
site.  So I just left the old one in and it turned out to be a good idea.
The new infusion site came loose and detached mid-hike (it was right where
my shorts met my waist and there was just too much friction  I suppose)so I
simply plugged into the old one until later that evening where i could
insert a new infusion set in the comfort of the cabin we stayed in.
Managed to get into hot springs quite unobtrusively unplugging and
re-plugging as well.  Just thought I'd pass this bit of info on...I'll
always hike with two infusion sets inserted from now on...it worked well.

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