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Re: [IP] Pump Training

On 28 Jan 2001, at 0:33, Carey Gardner wrote:

> Just wondering how involved the pump training was that most of you had? I have
> heard of some people being put in the hospital for a week for their training.
> Would I need a whole week's training, since I am a new type 1?

Mine was very limited.  She, the trainer, went through her script 
very quickly.  The reason was because I'd watched the video 
several times, read the book (Pumping Insulin), practiced on the 
arm of my chair (thank you, Natalie!) and went ahead and did it 
myself.  I didn't want to wait 2 whole weeks. She was highly upset 
when she found out (when she called me to make an appt for the 
training, I'd already done several days of saline and had switched 
over to insulin), and called my endo, who just laughed about it--she 
knows I'm an independent cuss who's gonna do what I wanna do, 
period.  :-)

> I don't even know what my carb/insulin ratio is...I was told that my doctor
> was supposed to help with this. 

Yes, my endo gave me those numbers, but if I was better at this 
stuff, I might have been able to figure it out after reading Pumping 
Insulin.  Unfortunately, I don't seem to have an innate intuitive 
sense about this insulin stuff.  So I rely heavily on my endo for 
these things.

My spreadsheet helps me refine it, now that I have a sense of how 
to calculate it.

> I will ask at the next visit. I am pretty good
> at estimating what certain foods will do...

now you see, even after almost a year, I *still* can't estimate like 
that.  My husband does a far better job of it than I do.  And he only 
pays marginal attention to this stuff.

so you're already ahead of me!
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