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[IP] Pump Training

Carey...you're doing an ADA diet...has your MD had you sit down with a
Registered Dietitian (RD) to teach you carb counting?  Regimented diets are
not traditionally prescribed anymore.  If you are taught carb counting, you
will know pretty much what your responses to all carbs will be.  And it
allows more freedom.

I know how many carbs I am supposed to have for each meal/snack. I have to
stick to the diet to a "T." If I do, I have no problems. But, I don't have any
variation in the amount of carbs I eat, unless I am exercising. I don't wish
to eat pizza everyday, but it would be nice if I could have something like
that *occassionally*......which right now, I *absolutely cannot* do. Right
now, chinese (rice/noodles), mexican (beans/rice), and italian (pasta) is
totally out of the question.

Just my opinion, but you've had this for almost a year, and should have had
more training on insulin and should have been mixing insulin by now.

I agree. I started taking insulin on December 1 (last month) when I was
diagnosed. I will call the doctor and see about getting that appointment moved
up to February. I don't want to wait until March. Plus, I still have other
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