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[IP] Re: Emergency preparedness-abduction

I've been a diabetic for 45 years, on pump for three, and I've worked for a 
hospital for 10 years.  With that background, the best that I've come up with 
is to know what I need to do to save myself and significant others if an 
emergency comes up.  The medic alert type bracelets are a start, the letter 
about pumping in the purse or wallet is the next step.  The last thing to do 
is know what's happening and act accordingly [A family phrase is: If you're 
not part of the solution then you're part of the problem ].  Hospitals and 
schools here in NJ were allowed to announce fire drills a few years ago.  The 
drills were held, ignored by people who didn't want their life interrupted 
(it is only a drill after) and life went on.  Then a few students were killed 
and seriously injured in a dorm fire last year.  Some of them were known to 
ignore the prior alarms because "it's probably a false alarm." Now we are 
back to unannounced drills and progressive discipline to those who ignore the 
procedure they should follow.  Facilities are also spending large $$$ to 
upgrade fire protection systems to protect those whose self-preservation 
quotient is in negative numbers.  The NFPA (National Fire Protection 
Association) has a huge campaign about caregivers teaching their charges how 
to save their b*tts in case of a fire -- and it works. Districts that have 
promoted this have less fatalities than those that give it lip service.  Now 
expand that teaching to Cary and others in your charge -- when you go to a 
theater, have them point out all the exits and the closest one.  If you're in 
an earthquake zone, do they know their best friend could be a solid table or 
a door frame.  If a gun is brandished in the nearest fast-food place, where's 
the best place to hide.  And last, if an accident does happen, they should 
offer to help (or call for help) but if their assistance is not needed, get 
OUT OF THE WAY of those trying to get in to help.  The local EMT's are always 
thrilled to have to marshall their equipment through the flock of vultures.  
I'm sorry for being explicit here, but I don't believe it's the school's or 
other's total responsibility to save me or mine - that's what I'm here for. 
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