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[IP] Re: diagnostic criteria/ CDC article/epidemiology

    How time flies!  Let's see, if the change in criteria was late 1997, I 
suppose it would wend its effects through the medical system over a year or 
so and pop up as a statistical abberation not by 1997 data, but 1998 and 
1999.  That's a guess.  I don't think our reference lab made the change in 
its "normal" range 'till late in '98.  Was a fairly moot point in our clinic 
as the appointment staff pretty much makes all the appointments for those who 
question new diabetes onset with me.  And I tell all the staff about "new 
stuff" regarding diabetes.  (The idea of Carb counting vs the old "diabetic 
diet" dies hard)
    One of the list members commented that the statistical rise was in excess 
of the expected rise due to this change.  That's kind of what I was wondering 
out loud....had seen a lot of references to the article, but didn't hear any 
comment before about this issue.  I need to find some time and read the 
    Cheers.     Linda
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