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[IP] Pump Training

Just wondering how involved the pump training was that most of you had? I have
heard of some people being put in the hospital for a week for their training.
Would I need a whole week's training, since I am a new type 1?

I don't even know what my carb/insulin ratio is...I was told that my doctor
was supposed to help with this. I will ask at the next visit. I am pretty good
at estimating what certain foods will do...but, I don't know a specific
number. I haven't even starting mixing insulins yet. I am supposed to learn
that on my next visit.

I am on 2 shots a day...75/25 humalog...15 units with breakfast and 15 with
dinner. My insulin needs keep changing...when I was first diagnosed on
December 1, I was taking about 50 units a day. Now, I am down to 30. It has
slowly been dropping. I don't know if 30 units is about "normal" for a 2200
calorie ADA diet? I know "normal" is different for different people... Does it
sound like I might still be in my honeymoon period? (I have had this since
2/00 and went into DKA in early November.)

Diagnosed with Type 1 on 12/1/00 at 42 years young.
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