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[IP] Re: Aids & BILL GATES-R & D

>>How does this disease effect US in our daily lives?  What hardships does
>>this disease  bring to your life on a daily basis?
>>Anything will help...
>>I need some facts to put together...CAN ANYONE THINK OF ANYTHING I CAN USE?

>I've always felt kind of conflicted when I read media articles about how 
>hard it is for AIDS patients on cocktail treatment to comply.

I must apologize ahead of time if this message offends you.  It is just my 
honest opinion on the difference between Diabetes and HIV  (not AIDS since 
Aids can be caused by several diseases and treatments).

What I think about HIV is that for the most part and a large portion of the 
HIV population it is a disease that is 100% preventable and in this day and 
age there is ALLOT more education on HIV and how to prevent it.  yes it is 
a terrible disease but it can be prevented VERY easily.  Diabetes strikes 
without warning and even if it is caught early it still leads to the same 
end  "DIABETES"  we can not prevent it, we did not cause it, and we have to 
live with it 24/7/365 and like HIV can take our lifes away slowly.

Yes HIV is Terrible but makes me mad that HIV gets more $ than diabetes 
even though it affects less people, less people die of it, and it is 100% 
preventable (in most cases).  Atleast I think Diabetes should get = Funding.

Brian Carter
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