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At 09:55 AM 1/28/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I want to compose a short yet informative letter to send to Bill Gates about
>why he should give/challenge money for Diabetes Research.  He seems to be
>all over AIDS research and I need to convince him that WE need help here
>How does this disease effect US in our daily lives?  What hardships does
>this disease  bring to your life on a daily basis?
>Anything will help...
>I need some facts to put together...CAN ANYONE THINK OF ANYTHING I CAN USE?

I've always felt kind of conflicted when I read media articles about how 
hard it is for AIDS patients on cocktail treatment to comply. On the one 
hand, I have many friends who are HIV positive and many others who have 
lost friends to AIDS.  I feel for them and agree that it is very difficult. 
At the same time I think that having to take a few pills four times a day 
at a particular time is much easier than trying to manage diabetes.  But we 
don't get the press.

When I was on MDI (which most diabetics these days are also on) I had to 
take my shots on time.  No sleeping late. No skipping lunch or afternoon 
snack.  No eating dinner late or early.  My life was extremely 
regimented.  Yet no matter how well I followed the rules I would always run 
into trouble.  Because the action of the long-term insulin is so 
unpredictable.  Because my hormones were acting up.  Because the weather 
was changing.  Because of any number of unknown reasons.

The human body is not a machine.  We do not have a set mpg or 
carbperinsulin ratio.  The variations in our driving conditions are much 
more numerous.  Even now that I use a pump, I am on 24/7 alert.

Diabetes is a disease that requires attention every minute of the day.  I 
can't eat without thinking about it, drive without thinking about it, have 
sex without thinking about it, walk to the park with my kids without 
thinking about it, work out at the gym without thinking about it, clean the 
house without thinking about it, cook dinner without thinking about it, go 
skiing without thinking about.  I can't do anything without thinking about 
it long and hard.

Tell that to Bill,

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