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[IP] Re:media/Moira's story of abducted girl

Maureen, asked:
<<Just wondering--am I alone or irrational in this
fear, or have other women (or parents of young diabetic children) felt
this too? How have you dealt with it? I don't mean to frighten anyone,
just wondering.>>
Yes I have been concerned about my child being abducted or in some sort of 
disaster and not being able to receive the type of care that he needs.  I 
asked the school nurse last Thursday if they had any type of emergency plans 
in case of a storm or some disaster that would keep Cory at school.  She said 
no there is no plan.  Schools have fire drills and tornado drills and I am 
sure they have emergency plans for terrorism.  They have looked into ways to 
protect all the healthy children, but what about children who have medical 
needs?  Granted this emergency nor the kidnapping would probably never 
happen, but what if....?  Thankfully, we are only a few blocks from the 
school, but some parents' children have long bus rides - what special plans 
have been made for them?  I worry more now that he is on a pump.  Since there 
is no long acting insulin on board, I know that he can't go very long without 
getting insulin.  Oh my, we could drive ourselves insane thinking of all the 
"what ifs."
Susan - Gma to Cory, a new pumper
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