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[IP] Re:] Reaction to the pump

 <<SNIP "Moira C. McCarthy" <email @ redacted> wrote about Lauren's 
experience as a new pumper.
Moria, I just know that you and Lauren are going to get on smooth sailing 
here very soon.  Lauren's committment will pay off.  Cory began pumping on 
the 16th so we are also new.  Things were going very well, but now his 
schedule is changing and the CDE is trying to juggle insulin adjustments.  He 
is beginning to have predawn highs, but the CDE isn't sure it is predawn 
syndrome and wants to make sure it is every monring before changing his 
basal.  If it is only happening on some mornings, changing the basal will put 
him low on the mornings that he isn't experiencing this syndrome.  At least 
we can adjust with a bolus at 3 am if it is needed.  That is one of the 
blessing of the pump!  
Hang in there,
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