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Over the line?...... (was Re: [IP] Anyone like to comment.(and a follow up))


I think, though well meaning, that you went over the line in your efforts 
to get the paper to do the "right thing".

Jim S.
email @ redacted

At 02:01 PM 01/27/2001 , you wrote:


>I will use any means at my disposal to change the policy's of any public
>organization that stands in the way of diseminating information that will
>help educate the public or the medical community about the treatment of
>diabetes or scientific progress made in pursuit of a cure.
>The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has a dispicable policy towards the
>desimination of this information for charitable purposes. I have
>absolutely no remorse about targeting their editorial staff for their
>poor policy's and I certainly hope they get at least 3000 letters from
>our 3000 members. Perhaps they will rethink their Scrooge like attitudes
>and try and help some of those who could benefit from the information
>about young Mavrick Roe.


>Michael Robinton
>Executive Director - Editor
>Insulin Pumpers
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