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Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump

In a message dated 1/27/01 1:29:33 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> . My weight when I was diagnosed in
> March of 1998 on my birthday was 324 pounds. I am now down to 262. Although
> even though I have lost weight which I am thrilled because that is what I 
> want
> to do my insulin has not decreased but actually increased so it has been 
> work.
> Here I thought once I started losing I would get back to normal and that is
> not happening to me. I also have severe hypertension now.

Wow Betsy,
That is an amazing weight loss.
I am proud of you for all the hard work you're putting into control your 
diabetes.  Your old endo sounds like a jerk who won't listen, I hate those 
kind of drs.  Good for you for having the gumption to do what you believe is 
best for you.  It's your pump, not that drs.
Hope your new endo will be wonderful.
"I think I've scratch the surface after 20 years of marriage.
Women want chocolate and conversation."  --Mel Gibson
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