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Re: [IP] Insulin delivery by mail

Check with your benefits coordinator at your/your husband's employer.  They 
will tell you if you have this benefit available to you, and what pharmacy 
you will need to use (Hopefully NOT Merck-Medco!!!)  If you don't have this 
as an employee benefit, check with the various mail-order pharmacies, RX 
America, Express Pharmacy Services, etc., and ask them about their 
rates.  I don't know if you would be able to find this offer if it's not a 
covered benefit through your employer.  We receive a two months supply for 
one co-pay through my husband's employee benefits.  With other employers we 
have received three for one, and with one all prescriptions through mail 
order were free. (That was prior to diabetes, doggone it!)

Diane :-)

At 07:17 AM 1/27/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>From: Bonnie Richardson <email @ redacted> SNIP << I mean if
>something is wrong before insulin gets to you, you will know it on first
>use/by second use and can get your doc to write a RX at your drugstore  -
>your insurance surely will go along with that.
>Bonnie Richardson>>
>How do they ship insulin?  Is it put into any type of special container to
>keep it within certain temperature ranges?  I would love the convience of
>having insulin shipped, but was afraid to risk it. Also, can you order a 3
>month supply when having it shipped and thus lower your co-pay?  Our
>prescriptions have a co-pay per prescription and I wonder if getting a 3
>month supply would mean that I would only make one co-pay instead of making
>one each month.
>Looking for ways to stretch the buck,
>Susan - GMa to Cory
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