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Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump

This could be your calling, Susan.  I don't know what area of the country 
you live in, but we have not faced much of what you are referring to here 
in California.  Maybe we should emphasize to people that it is a privilege 
to have the opportunity to wear a pump, but it should really be available 
to any and every person with diabetes.  Every person with diabetes deserves 
to have the best quality of life available.

Maybe you are on to something with initiating a support/education group in 
your area!  Education IS the key to understanding.

Diane :-)

At 07:09 AM 1/27/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Sherry spoke of problems of not having a support group and of her type 2
>mother not understanding the need for bolusing or covering for carbs.
>Sherry, I am finding it almost impossible to explain to type 2's that a carb
>is a carb no matter what type of food is eaten.  If they see you eat anything
>that has a speck of sugar in it, then they know for sure that is why you are
>"out of control."  I doubt that is true for the type 2's on this board, but
>the ones in our church and our community who are taking a pill and doing
>fairly well on it, have absolutely no understanding of what we live with.
>I am  "mom" to my 11 year old grandson.  For two years we tried to control
>his diabetes with MDI. We went through extensive education and training,
>repeatedly and nothing worked.  A week and a half ago he went on the pump.
>What a difference it has made!  Most of his numbers are now in the normal
>range.  He is having a little trouble with the predawn syndrome and he just
>started gym class so we are also working on some adjustments there, but
>overall everything is soooooo much better.  We know for a fact now, that we
>have been counting carbs right and that the biggest problem was with the NPH.
>  We have faced a lot of "put downs" from teachers, school administrators -
>including nurses, family, friends(?), church associates, etc.  No one
>understood.  Surely, the problems were that he wasn't eating correctly or his
>doctor must be a quack and doesn't use the right amount of insulin or pills
>(See how ignorant - type 1's don't take pills!).
>Keep posting and reading here.  You will find much support and people who
>have experienced similiar situations and have learned how to live with it.  I
>wish we could get support groups in all our local communties.  We really need
>to be with people who know exactly what we are talking about and can perhaps
>even share info on how they have dealt with it.  Meanwhile, this is an
>excellent support group right here!
>Take care,
>Susan - GMa to Cory - The dearest person in my life.
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