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Re: [IP] Anyone like to comment.(and a follow up)

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001 email @ redacted wrote:

> An open letter to the list that I sent privately a while ago....
> The posting to the list of the private messages (including email address) 
> of the other person (without permission?)......
> The stating of what went on (assuming the private email had permission to 
> be posted) is not a problem.  The last sentence of the message to the list 
> seemed confrontational to me - and to someone not even on the list...... 
> (looking back at the posts in one message was the first and later was the last)
> That sentence I read as "go get him" to almost 3000 people, I do not 
> consider as a letter to the editor.  And some people did act on the sentence.

Newspaper editorial policy is a matter of PUBLIC concern and discussion. 
Nothing about it is in anyway private including but not limited to 
discussions with the so-called editors of this paper. The sole reason 
that Insulin Pumpers exists and the reason why I work at it as hard as I 
do is to dispel the myths and help educate medical and lay persons alike 
about this disease and it's treatment. The most satisfying moments come 
when yet another parent posts to the list the joyful moment when their 
child gets to sleep in or eat the piece of cake at a birthday at a party, 
just like all the other kids. 

I will use any means at my disposal to change the policy's of any public 
organization that stands in the way of diseminating information that will 
help educate the public or the medical community about the treatment of 
diabetes or scientific progress made in pursuit of a cure.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has a dispicable policy towards the 
desimination of this information for charitable purposes. I have 
absolutely no remorse about targeting their editorial staff for their 
poor policy's and I certainly hope they get at least 3000 letters from 
our 3000 members. Perhaps they will rethink their Scrooge like attitudes 
and try and help some of those who could benefit from the information 
about young Mavrick Roe.

This is not about flaming or anything remotely associated with it. It is 
about educating the public about diabetes. If the information were all 
secret, there would be 3000 people a lot worse off than they are now.

Michael Robinton
Executive Director - Editor
Insulin Pumpers
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