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In a message dated 1/27/2001 2:29:57 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>has always had a bubble in the 
>cartridge and

When I learned how to fill the cartridge, I was taught to eliminate bubbles 
1. Use Insulin at room temp.
2. Inject slightly more air into the bottle than the amt. of insulin you will 
need. And inject it straight down into a bottle sitting flat on the table. 
Turn the bottle and cartridge upside down, and withdraw slightly more insulin 
than you need. Knock the cartridge with the softserter or a lipstick or 
something like that, to force the bubbles to the top. Then shoot the excess 
insulin back into the bottle. Occasionally, I have to draw a little more 
insulin and push it back into the bottle again, but the bubbles aren't there 
when I finish.
3. The directions that came with the pump said to ingore the "champagne 
bubbles", but I notice they float to the top, so I position my pump with the 
cartridge inside, well below the softserter with the needle in place. before 
I prime. I prime 5 U, and the tiny bubbles all seem to go out.
This works for me.

email @ redacted

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