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Re: [IP] mis typed?

Oops...I forgot to type  'do not have this disease...'

I did not mean to offend any of the Type II's on the list.  And I am not
grouping all Type II's in to the 'couch potato' category.  Not by any means.
The medical terminologists (don't know if there is such a thing,) eliminated
the 'Juvenile' and 'Adult' onset designations as the public thought 'How can
a 30-year-old have Juvenile diabetes?'  There was less confusion then than
there is now.

I guess the point that I am making is that I am not quiet about having this
disease...all of my coworkers know.  If they find me lying on the floor in
one of the facilities hallways, I want them to think 'She's a diabetic, let's
check her sugar first.'  I work in healthcare facilities and would rather
have them treat me with emergency glucose than spend the 20 minutes or so
waiting for the EMTs to get there and assess me, then having to wait for them
to call and ask permission from an MD at the ER to give me glucose.  How many
brain cells could I lose waiting for all that garbage to be done?

I am not quiet and am tired of people saying things to me that in my opinion
are very insulting...things like asking me 'If you lose weight, will it go
away?'  I am not obese by any measure, but readily admit to being overweight.
 I was diagnoses at age 11...Mom fed us very healthy meals and I was a very
healthy weight child.  Yet tell people when I diagnosed and they assume that
my Mother was a bad Mom.

That's the stuff that I want more clarity on.  So again I ask, how can we
clear this confusion up?  Naming the disease completely different is an
option, but who would we have to convince.  There are 1 million of us DMers
that are true Type I's, brought on by nothing that we could
control...genetics and our immune systems.  We must have some power behind
our voices.

For our DRG's that are used to cod our diagnosis, we have different codes
based on what type we are, so the overall 'phrases' need to be changed, too.

Sorry for the rant.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
IDDM X 18+ years, pumping for 6+ years

In a message dated 1/27/01 11:32:16 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> >Roxanne stated:
> >Let's brainstorm...how can we get the message out that 99.9% of us Type
> >do have this disease because of lack of exercise, couch-potato syndrome,
> and
> >obesity and that we have absolutely no control over the fact that we have
> >this disease.
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