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Re: [IP] CDC: Diabetes becoming epidemic : Rise in cases linked to increasing...

> This was an interesting article, but here again, the term "diabetes" is
> throughout.  From what was said in the article, they are not talking about
> Type 1 diabetes, but rather Type 2.>>

Lindsey  --

 I, like you,  find all the articles interesting but always just talking
about diabetes as only one type as being of important to the health of this
nation.  Like you I feel that the news do very little real research into
what diabetes is.  We, as type I,  need to become more pro active and tell
these people to keep their poor reporting from the general public.  This
just gives all diabetics a bad rap.  The only answer is finding a cure and
do get the public into more research that will explain the differences.  I
also think there is rise in type I diabetes.  But it is never mentioned by
any of the articles.

Bob Bennin
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