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[IP] More on Education (was Reactions to the pump)

Susan - GMa to Cory wrote:
>I am finding it almost impossible to explain to type 2's that a carb 
>is a carb no matter what type of food is eaten.  If they see you eat anything 
>that has a speck of sugar in it, then they know for sure that is why you are 
>"out of control."  I doubt that is true for the type 2's on this board, but 
>the ones in our church and our community who are taking a pill and doing 
>fairly well on it, have absolutely no understanding of what we live with.

I've seen this too, and I think it's largely due to poor 
patient education by doctors. A lot of GPs are shockingly 
ignorant about diabetes. And a lot of them believe that 
type 2s are unable or unwilling to change their behavior, 
so there's no point in trying to teach them. If these 
people's doctors told them to take a pill and not eat 
sugar, no wonder they don't believe you when you try to 
tell them different.  Sigh.

Also, I'm not sure how old the people you're talking about 
are, but I have to say that when someone is diagnosed with 
type 2 at 75 (unless they had undiagnosed diabetes for 20 
years before that!), intensive management probably isn't 
the biggest priority. Quality of life is a much more impor-
tant consideration than preventing longterm complications. 
Not that a 75-year-old is at death's door (my dad is 71, 
and I still think of him as "middle aged"), but concern 
about longterm complications has to be weighed differently 
for people at different points in the life cycle.


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