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[IP] Explaining carbs to T-2s

Susan wrote:
> I am finding it almost impossible to explain to type 2's that a carb is a
carb no matter what type of food is eaten.  If they see you eat anything that
has a speck of sugar in it, then they know for sure that is why you are "out
of control."  >

I think this is probably a no-win situation for us to explain, BECAUSE most
T-2s either watch their diets or take oral meds, therefore, they cannot cover
a carb when eaten. This is another one of those distinctions between the Types
we have been talking about. By pumping, or on MDI for some, the carbs can be
covered at the proper time with the proper amount of injected/infused
insulin - even in 0.1u amounts. (~_^)

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