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[IP] Any info on next MM model pump, Animas, current 508 glitches?

I haven't been lurking much this year.  For those of you who remember, I 
still have a MM 506 with a partially disabled LED, cannot read minutes (tens 
and ones), the fine cracks in front plastic is now starting to peel, a little 
metal is exposed.  I keep the clip on with duct tape.  For the first time in 
8 years, it has given me an E-01 alarm and zero'd everything out, twice in 
the last month.  My endo suggested a new one 18 months ago, insurance denied, 
I didn't press the issue at the time.  Obviously, the MM has otherwise hung 
in there for me.  

The MM 508 was just hitting the market then, I wanted to see how it went.  It 
seems the only glitch is the "zeroing out" problem.  I also wanted a shot at 
trying out the Animas pump...which I am doing right now, on loan.

So, here's a couple questions 1.  Are those with 508 pumps having any other 
major glitches (just with the pump...not the sets).  2.  If anyone out there 
has been using an Animas, what do you think?  3.  Does anyone have any 
reliable info on the next model Minimed pump....especially regarding making 
it waterproof??
Thanks..LInda    email @ redacted   (that's mango home, not man go home)
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