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Re: [IP] Anyone like to comment.(and a follow up)

An open letter to the list that I sent privately a while ago....

The posting to the list of the private messages (including email address) 
of the other person (without permission?)......

The stating of what went on (assuming the private email had permission to 
be posted) is not a problem.  The last sentence of the message to the list 
seemed confrontational to me - and to someone not even on the list...... 
(looking back at the posts in one message was the first and later was the last)

That sentence I read as "go get him" to almost 3000 people, I do not 
consider as a letter to the editor.  And some people did act on the sentence.

You have my permission to send what I wrote to anyone (including the list) 
only if it is sent exactly as written and is complete without editing. This 
permission excludes the INSULIN-PUMPERS guideline 13 (which follows)

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Insulin-pumpers guideline 13
13.Flaming will not be tolerated. "Flaming" is what people do when they 
make an emotionally opinionated comment using language intended to be 
confrontational. For this list, flaming is defined as personal attacks 
and/or criticism of another list member that have the effect of holding 
another person up to harsh ridicule, demeaning them as a person, or 
otherwise inflicting hostility or anger on them.
      What one person may understand to be friendly kidding, another may 
perceive as hostile flaming. To help control the flaming impulse,
          everyone has an opinion, a life, and a value; don't try to demean 
that be kind and think twice before responding; sometimes the most 
appropriate response is a nicely worded private e-mail instead of posting 
to the list flaming helps no one, not even yourself; remember you may be 
losing the respect of hundreds of people you have never even seen before
          repeated flaming offenses will result in your list membership 
being revoked.

Follow up

 From the original post, I just noticed that the editor was not the source 
of the article - A novel thought?; he may not have had authority to give 

The article is already on the web and by someone else. The link is:
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