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Re: [IP] Insulin delivery by mail

By mail, I order a 3 month supply (12 bottles of Humalog) for 1 copay ($15). 
It comes in a Styrofoam container, with a few blue cold packs in it.  The 
company guarantees shipment the day after the order.  I would think that the 
3 month supply option is dependent on what insurance plan you have.  I was 
skeptical the first time having insulin mailed to me, but (Knock on wood) I 
have yet to have a problem and I have been using mail order for 2 years.  I 
get all of my supplies by mail and love it.

Andy Johnson

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>Subject: [IP] Insulin delivery by mail
>Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:17:19 EST
>From: Bonnie Richardson <email @ redacted> SNIP << I mean if
>something is wrong before insulin gets to you, you will know it on first
>use/by second use and can get your doc to write a RX at your drugstore  -
>your insurance surely will go along with that.
>Bonnie Richardson>>
>How do they ship insulin?  Is it put into any type of special container to
>keep it within certain temperature ranges?  I would love the convience of
>having insulin shipped, but was afraid to risk it. Also, can you order a 3
>month supply when having it shipped and thus lower your co-pay?  Our
>prescriptions have a co-pay per prescription and I wonder if getting a 3
>month supply would mean that I would only make one co-pay instead of making
>one each month.
>Looking for ways to stretch the buck,
>Susan - GMa to Cory
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