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[IP] Carbs

email @ redacted wrote:
> Sherry, I am finding it almost impossible to explain to type 2's that a carb
> is a carb no matter what type of food is eaten.  If they see you eat anything
> that has a speck of sugar in it, then they know for sure that is why you are
> "out of control."  I doubt that is true for the type 2's on this board, but
> the ones in our church and our community who are taking a pill and doing
> fairly well on it, have absolutely no understanding of what we live with.

Susan, you're exactly right -- most Type 2's CAN'T take the same
approach to carbs that Type 1's can, unless they're on insulin, and most
Type 2's don't want to go on insulin. (And even then, insulin can be
very problematic for them). 

For many Type 2's the way to control their BGs is through diet and
exercise, and often pills. But the pills don't work all that well if the
carb intake isn't watched like a hawk. Diet is paramount, and that's why
they focus on it. 

Also, the pills don't work immediately like insulin does, and they have
to be conscientious about what time and how much they eat, or they can't
keep control. That's because Type 2's do have impaired pancreatic
function, and NOTHING restores it to truly normal capability.  

A lot of people oversimplify the need to monitor carbs by limiting
sugar, and continuing to eat starch (on the theory, since disproven,
that starches break down more slowly). Some professionals are still
teaching this, and the "sugar-free" product advertisers are still going
great guns in the magazine ads. 

So Type 2's tend to focus on the only way they know to control THEIR
diabetes, and can be fairly oblivious to the needs of Type 1's. But from
my perspective on the fence, Type 1's don't usually know much about the
special needs of Type 2, either. 

I've been VERY gratified to see the supportive messages sent recently to
the list, acknowledging that Type 2 is very different from Type 1, BUT
equally worthy of help and support and NOT a character flaw. 

I also would like to see different names for the two diseases, but it
would require a lot more diagnostic acumen from the docs -- and the
insurance companies would really throw fits if the doc were to change
the diagnosis to a different DISEASE when an older Type 1 is
misdiagnosed as a Type 2!!!!!

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