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Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump

Congratulations on your weight loss! That is so wonderful! Losing weight is
really hard work.  Now about the pump.
Good for you on continuing on with your pump. 
Many type II's are on insulin.  Please don't give it up. My mom was never
prescribed insulin until 30 years after her diagnosis. And now she has all
sorts of complications. She is on insulin now but her kidneys are still
as well as her heart and her vision. And her memory is all gone because of a
reaction to the medication they give to make memory of heart surgery go
away..it took ALL of her memory and it won't come back. her kidney doctor was
appalled my mother was never on insulin until he prescribed 4 days before her
heart surgery and one day after her major heart attack.  My mother was never
couch potato. never. I think this statement directed towards type II's is
demeaning and cruel. It really isn't correct.
So Please..please....stay on the pump. You are not alone.  The list is here
support. I don't understand doctors who think they can just take away
insulin pumps..does he think they are cheap disposable things?
Someone else on here had their pump taken away and I am wondering what is
with these medical people who first prescribe and expensive piece of
and then say to not use it anymore. Why did they prescribe it anyway? And go
through all of the insurance letter writing? etc.
Congratulations on the weight loss!
Take care- Keep on pumping and don't let the stress make your blood
pressure go
too high.
email @ redacted

At 07:28 AM 1/27/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Well I for one understand and I am finding the same problem. I am A Type ll
>with a pump. The endo I go to just took me off the pump on Tuesday because
>says its my weight that is causing my diabetes and the pump will not help. I
>am now starting it back up this morning with help of some diabetes nurses
>a endo that I am friends with.
>I being type ll know what carbo counting is and I follow it to the best of

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