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Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump

Well I for one understand and I am finding the same problem. I am A Type ll
with a pump. The endo I go to just took me off the pump on Tuesday because he
says its my weight that is causing my diabetes and the pump will not help. I
am now starting it back up this morning with help of some diabetes nurses and
a endo that I am friends with.

I being type ll know what carbo counting is and I follow it to the best of my
ability.  Thanks to this list I got the book Pumping Insulin and I carry it
always in my bag and if I have any questions I know I can come to this list
and get the answers. I myself find that Type l diabetics who are also on the
pump frown on me because they don't understand why I need to be on the pump
after all, I am a type ll and overweight I don't need the pump.

I believe the pump has helped me to keep my exercise routine and to better
manage my sugars. I will see a new endocrinologist but it is not until March.
I also have to brag and I hope no one minds. My weight when I was diagnosed in
March of 1998 on my birthday was 324 pounds. I am now down to 262. Although
even though I have lost weight which I am thrilled because that is what I want
to do my insulin has not decreased but actually increased so it has been work.
Here I thought once I started losing I would get back to normal and that is
not happening to me. I also have severe hypertension now.

I think I just took offense to the comment even though it was not directed to
us on the board. I'm sorry. Just had to vent.


Sherry, I am finding it almost impossible to explain to type 2's that a carb
is a carb no matter what type of food is eaten.  If they see you eat anything
that has a speck of sugar in it, then they know for sure that is why you are
"out of control."  I doubt that is true for the type 2's on this board, but
the ones in our church and our community who are taking a pill and doing
fairly well on it, have absolutely no understanding of what we live with.
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