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Re: [IP] Anyone like to comment.

Michaels post:
<<Following up on the story of the newborn that is pumping, I sent a
request to the newspaper requesting that we be allowed to use their
story verbatim on the web site to let parents know that there that
pump technology can be used for very young children. Here is the
exchange. If you would like to send a comment to Mr. Fellone, be my
Michael, it is too bad that this newspaper will not grant permission for this 
story to be posted.  I hope that you will be able to interview the parents 
and perhaps doctor and put their comments on the web site.  Parents need 
information.  Children deserve to receive the best care that is available for 
their children.  Young ones face such a long life with this horrible disease 
(at least until the cure gets here) and if the long term damage can be 
delayed or prevented by use of an insulin pump, these kids need to be started 
on it as soon as possible.  Parents won't know this unless the word is 
spread.  Putting this information on a children's web page is an excellent 
method of letting parents and medical professionals know that this method of 
treatment can be done on very young children. I am so grateful to you for 
your continuing efforts to "get the word out."
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