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[IP] mis typed?

Roxanne stated:
Let's brainstorm...how can we get the message out that 99.9% of us Type I's
do have this disease because of lack of exercise, couch-potato syndrome, and
obesity and that we have absolutely no control over the fact that we have
this disease.
I must be an oddity, because my Type  was NOT caused by being a couch
potato, lack of exercise, nor am or was I obese.  I WAS a very rambunctious
3 year old when my Type 1 was "discovered" and there is no way I was any of
the above.  Now having had this disease for over 34 years, we still have no
idea how I actually got it.  No previous history, no real actual sickness in
me but my D, and that's it.
 I am thinking this is a typo  on your part?  Maybe?  Please?  Or am I
misinformed and YMMV and mine does.  ?

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted
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