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Re: [IP] CDC: Diabetes becoming epidemic : Rise in cases linked to increasing...

Janet L.,

  While reading your 'rant' about the sterio types given to people...how many 
of you out there heard this one.........oh he probably was allowed to eat too 
much sugar, candy, sodas when he was little and that is what 'gave' it to 
him...????   Boy when I first starting hearing these types of comments after 
Joshua was dxd at the age of 5 it added so much more to the guilt I was 
already feeling for him having been diagnosed.  I started wondering to myself 
if maybe they were right, had he been allowed to have too many sweets up to 
that point.  I mean, I didn't know anything at that time and I, like so many 
others, wondered if these things could 'cause' this dreadful thing to happen 
to my son.

  To put it in a nutshell folks...IGNORANCE...that is what causes 99.8% of 
those hurtful, stupid things that even the best intended person will say.  
Shoot, I may have been one of those people once.  And I know that when it 
comes to some other diseases or what-not, that I may have been the first 
person to say something stupid because I don't know all there is to know 
about what is going on.

  I have become more tolerant of stupidity and others with their own 
inflictions since my son's diagnosis.  We on this list know how stupid some 
of the things that are being said are.  EDUCATION is the BEST weapon against 
fighting this and all other diseases out there.  Those of us who are educated 
(and I mean each one of us on this list, degree or no degree) have enough 
knowledge to help fight atleast the ignorance that is running rampant in the 
news and other forms of media.  We come from all walks of life from probably 
every corner of the globe.  If we could all educate atleast one other person 
about this disease then think of what good that would do to ours and everyone 
else's life when dealing with this disease.  And just think what it could do 
if one of those people that we educated was a..GULP..politician...HMMM...are 
they educatable...???

Coming down from the pulpit now...Sorry!

mom to Joshua
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