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Re: [IP] CDC: Diabetes becoming epidemic : Rise in cases linked t o increasin...

I knew this article was about Type 2 diabetes from the content of the 
article, i.e. that it is on the rise, obesity is a factor, etc.  My point is 
that I wish they would stop calling Type 2 diabetes simply "diabetes", as if 
it was the only kind.  Of course, Type 2 is the more important disease from a 
public health perspective.  And if Type 1 is not a priority for public health 
officials, I can understand that too.  But to continue to refer to Type 2 
diabetes as simply "diabetes" implies that there is no other kind.  And there 
is!  The term "diabetes" is not specific enough.  And one could argue that 
this term is inaccurate because it implies such a thing as generic diabetes, 
when there is either one type or the other, and a few rare cases combining 
the two.  So, let's get specific when we write or speak about these 2 
diseases; are we talking about Type 1 or 2 or both???
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