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No Subject

<<<<I am also a dentist and do not want to come here
to read mean spirited attacks.  You are welcome to
your opinion but I hope you will keep in mind that
saying such things make it difficult for those being
attacked to continue to get help from this site.>>>>

You're correct, I am welcome to my opinion. However,
my opinion is just that, and not "a mean spirited
attack."  My opinion should not have any effect on
anyone getting help on this site. I was not attacking
a person, but rather stating a real problem about
dentists in Indiana, where the problems I stated
before need fixing. I'm not alone on this opinion, as
the state representatives have been trying to force
legislation to get dentists in my state to care for
those with medicaid or no insurance, which the
dentists are very much opposed to. This list is full
of opinions every day, as is the real world.  I have
had some very bad experiences with more than one
dentist, so perhaps I'm a little bitter. I do
apologize for offending you, but not for my own
educated opinion.  

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