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Re: [IP] 1st day on pump!

Congrats...I've been pumping for 16 days (H-Tron).  It only gets better!
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Date: Thursday, January 25, 2001 5:55 PM
Subject: [IP] 1st day on pump!

>To all potential pumpers -
>    I just finished my 1st day education and am actively pumping with a MM
>508 and Sof-Set QR infusion sets.  This is wonderful.  By now I would have
>taken 2 more injections than I have on the pump.  And inserting the set DID
>NOT hurt in the least!  I got more of a sting checking my BG later!  I am
>looking forward to getting the peaks and valleys smoothed out.  And what a
>switch - they served lunch at the education.  21 years ago, when I was
>diagnosed - I never would have have pizza and a cookie for lunch (as well
>a salad and some other healthy stuff) - but geez - pizza and a cookie.
>just heard a click.  That means I just had another injection without taking
>Andy and Maxwell pumping since noon 1/25!
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