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[IP] Diabetes Epidemic... what to do? (Long)

A few people have written about the recent reports about how when the media
"speaks" of diabetes, it is almost always about Type 2, and also that
rarely does Type 1 receive much mention anywhere.  I realize that I am a
brand new member of this list, but I feel that it is prudent for me to
alert you all to a mailing list that has been created to help facilitate
the process by which not only our politicians in the US (sorry, others),
but also the media and indeed our friends, relatives, neighbors and
community, can be educated about the warning signs and complications of
Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes.  I have created a mailing list (it's incredibly
easy to do) that is strictly focused on raising awareness of T1 Diabetes. 
It's called the JDRFAdvocates list, and can now be found on Yahoo! at this


This list was created mainly to broaden the Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation's scope in regard to raising awareness and in general, being an
advocate to find a cure for diabetes.  I created the list to facilitate the
process by which the JDRF's "Calls to Action" are distributed and put into
action.   In a nutshell, this is what happens:  Occasionally, the JDRF will
send out an e-mail to people like me who have signed up as "Advocates" on
the JDRF website, asking advocates to send letter, faxes, snailmail, etc.
to our politicians when certain items are to be voted on.  The JDRF
provides a website, and on that website is a form letter type of letter
that one can fax, mail, etc, to their Senators, Congressman and President. 
That website also provide 2 sections where each advocate can add their own
personal words, and I've found that it is the perfect way to get our
messages across, with the right amount of factual information as well as
out own tearjerking personal side. The goal is to convince our own
politicians to vote the way we, his or her constiuent, wants them to vote. 
One request might work, but as in anything else, there is power in numbers.
 If you would like to help, please do visit the site I listed above and
join me in my quest to raise awareness in the US and throughout the world
of the warning signs and complications of T1 Diabetes.  The volume on the
list is incredible low because it does not deal with the micro aspects of
Diabetes.  Obviously, if you need pump info or support, you get that right
here on the IP list; if you need support from a group of parents, then the
ChildrenwithDiabetes website has an excellent "parents" list, as well as
support groups for others.  Like I just mentioned, the advocates list is
there to facilitate the actions necessary to raise awareness, and if we
don't raise awareness like many other organizations do, then we are going
to be SOL.  

Please do consider joining that group if you desire to help make a
difference in this country.  Again, that list was created IN NO WAY to
compete with this or any other non advocacy list.  My apologies to  all for
this OT, non-pumping post.


Michael Otten
Board of Directors, JDRF (Long Island Chapter)
District Captain (2nd District) Government Relations Committee
Family Chair for Suffolk County(NY) Walk to Cure Diabetes
and most importantly,
father of Nicholas 5, dxd 8/98; and Michael 3, non-d, so far.

> From: email @ redacted
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] CDC: Diabetes becoming epidemic : Rise in cases
linkedto increasing...
> Date: Friday, January 26, 2001 5:17 PM
> I also find it very insulting that news professionals refuse to
> the difference between the two very different forms of our disease.
> We are kinda' outnumbered about 16 to 1...16 Type II's for each of us
> I's.
> Let's brainstorm...how can we get the message out that 99.9% of us Type
> do have this disease because of lack of exercise, couch-potato syndrome,
> obesity and that we have absolutely no control over the fact that we have
> this disease.
> Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
> Cleveland, Ohio
> IDDM X 18 years, Pumping since 1/4/1995.
> Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!
> In a message dated 1/26/2001 12:01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted
> writes:
> > This was an interesting article, but here again, the term "diabetes" is
> > throughout.  From what was said in the article, they are not talking
> > Type 1 diabetes, but rather Type 2.  I find it insulting when printed
> > articles do not identify which type of diabetes they are talking about.
> > Most
> > of the time people are referring to Type 2, but don't specify this; as
> > Type 1 diabetes doesn't exist.  I don't care that many more people have
> > Type
> > 2, there are two kinds of illnesses, with very different medical
> > behind each one.  Type 1 diabetes needs to be recognized much more than
> > is.
> > Lindsey
> >
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