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Re: [IP] Injuries healing?-Teresa

>Teresa, sorry to say Matt had difficulties healing a broken arm this fall.
>Doctors will tell you that diabetes DOES NOT slow healing down at this stage
>of the disease (matt dx 2yrs), BUT  I will tell you IT DOES!  Matt broke his
>arm in football. Went EVERY week for xrays, and normally according to the

YMMV!!! I was DX at age 10. No fractures for 28 years. Then in 1970 I
fractured my hip. Just like President Reagan's recent hip fracture it was an
open reduction with a plate, screws and pin. It healed in about 6 months and
the hardware was removed (surgically) 1 year after the fracture. So far as I
know, healing was not delayed by diabetes. I hope President Reagan can get
his hardware removed, but at his age I'm afraid his chances are slim.

15 1/2 years after the first hip fracture I broke the OTHER hip (1986, age
53, DM for 43 years). Treatment, healing, and removal of hardware was the
same as for the first hip fracture.

1n 1988 in one accident caused by hypo, I broke my kneecap (patella) and my
wrist (radius). Both were treated surgically, and there was an "external
fixation device" on the wrist. Both healed normally.

In 1994 I broke my leg (tibia). That also healed normally. I was about to
start pump therapy when that fracture occurred. 2.5 months after that I did
start the pump.

In 1977 I took up bicycle riding and have logged over 86,000 road miles
since 1977, including 3400 in 2000. Only one of the above fractures was
bicycle related (1986). I think this is a pretty good indication that all
the fractures have healed properly and fully. And the rate of healing must
have been normal because no doctor ever accused me of healing slowly, even
after 28-52 years of diabetes. But YMMV.
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