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<< [IP] Re: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Floss I Go... >>

I'm just back from the Yankee dental meeting in Boston and I heard two 
lectures on DM and periodontal disease.  The mechanism for periodontal 
disease and many of the DM complications is very similar.  Severe periodontal 
disease makes DM very hard to control, and once periodontal disease is 
treated,  insulin requirements usually go down and control  improves.
Brushing technique is very important-you have to clean around the gums 
effectively.  Flossing is important, although given the choice, I say 
brushing is more important.  Try a one handed flosser, a sulcabrush or a 
proxibrush-all these can make cleaning between your teeth less obnoxious.( 
all available in most drug stores)  Practice looking in the mirror so you 
know what you are doing, then (family permitting) you can do it watching TV, 
at traffic lights and all sorts of fun places.
You also need regular THOROUGH scaling at the dentist's office-not 5 minutes 
of picking around and 10 minutes of polishing, unless your mouth is 
incredibly clean to begin with.
If you question whether or not you are getting a thorough job, see if you can 
get your teeth cleaned at a periodontist's office to compare.
The sonicare brush does look good-I'm getting one for my 12 year old daughter 
with DM and braces.
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