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[IP] Re: DM becoming epidemic....

> Lindsey wrote:
> > Type 1 diabetes needs to be recognized much
> > more than it is.
James Handsfield responded (in part):
> But the epidemic really is type 2, not type 1, particularly in young people.
> Nearly 90% of diabetics are type 2, and it is type 2 that is showing the
> dramatic increase in incident (new) cases.

But I think the whole matter wanting to be addressed is the fact that we as
Type 1s are lumped into a single category with the *norm* of DM knowledge. If
somebody's great aunt Myrtle had to do such and such, we are *assumed* to have
to do the same things. IF the articles would identify the type, then those
______police (fill in the blank with *food* or whatever) would realize perhaps
OUR situations might be different.

Natalie Sera suggested 2 entirely diff. names be given to the 2 diff. types
without the word *diabetes (mellitus)* used at all. Sounds like a good idea.

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