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Re: [IP] Mean old dentists [IP] Mean old dentists [IP] Mean old dentists

Natalie, that's extremely encouraging. I'm making getting to 
the dentist a big priority. March 1 is my self-imposed 
deadline -- but I still have to find a dentist! 

Maybe it's just that I've had bad luck, but I've been to four 
different dentists (two as a child, two as an adult), and they've 
all been very punitive and unpleasant. But I do believe that 
there are good, gentle dentists out there. 

On a somewhat different note, I've always thought of the
exhortations by dentists to take care of one's teeth as evidence 
that people often act against their self-interest. After all, if 
dentists just wanted to make money, they wouldn't be urging 
us all to floss and brush, right? 

/Janet L. 

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