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[IP] Re: Flossing, Dentists, etc........

Since I originally started this thread on flossing, I
had to put my "tooth" cents worth in on the subject of
dentists.  My endo and I have had a conversation about
dentists recently.  He said, "what the heck do
dentists do to get pd all that $$ for anyway?  They
don't give too much direct pt. care, don't have to go
to hospitals or be awakened in middle of night for
emergencies."  General dentists don't even do
extractions, root canals, crowns, dentures anymore. 
You have to be sent out to oral surgeon or
endodontist, who then schedules a "consultation
(a.k.a. $$$)" and then schedules an extraction, root
canal, or whatever(a.k.a $$).  In my drs. and my
opinion, it's a big scam.  I don't know if this
sending pts. out to others for procedures is standard
in other states, but it is in Indiana. Ten years ago,
your general dentist could do just about whatever you
needed done. Now, the only thing my dentist does is
look at my teeth for 3 minutes, gives advice and runs
off to next pt.  Then if you need a filling, they'll
schedule it later, more $$ that way.  So, I tend to
agree with my doc on dentists.  Don't like them, think
they're a rip off and always trying to line each
others pockets, but am still forced by necessity to

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