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[IP] convince me

Hi. I'm new to the list and am thinking about going on the pump.  I was just 
at my doctor's office yesterday for my initial meeting about the pump.  They 
went through the info so fast I didn't have time to ask questions or think 
straight.  I guess I have to look into getting it myself and then the doctor 
will work out my dosage.  Whatever.

I'm very overwhelmed again.  The first time I was overwhelmed was about 6 
months ago when I was in the hospital upon my first diagnosis.

I guess I need convincing that the pump is the best thing for me.  My doctor 
and the nurse seems to think so, but I'm having trouble convincing myself.  
I know it makes sense, that it's better for control, etc., but maybe there's 
a part of me that is still in denial about having this disease for the rest 
of my life.

How long do people wait between being diagnosed and going on the pump?  
Maybe it's just too soon for me?

One of my biggest obtacles is that I'll be hooked to a machine.  How do you 
take a shower, sleep and what about being intimate?  I'm not married nor in 
a serious relationship and dating with the pump seems impossible.

Wow.  OK, so any help, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in 
advance to all those who respond. I'm glad these lists are out there.

In case this helps: I'm 29 and have fairly good control now.  My last A1c 
was 6.4, but do have some after meal spikes, especially after breakfast.

email @ redacted
Type 1 since July 2000
Ultralente 2X day, Humalog at meal times

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