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[IP] CDC: Diabetes becoming epidemic : Rise in cases linked to increasing obesity, experts say


ATLANTA, Jan. 25  Diabetes in the United States rose by about 6 percent in
1999 in what the government called dramatic evidence of an unfolding
 Experts have blamed Americas couch-potato culture for the obesity that
to diabetes.

         CASES ROSE sharply across almost every demographic category, the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The rise is blamed largely
obesity, which was up a startling 57 percent from 1991.
       The message is out there  lose weight by increasing your physical
activity and changing your diet, CDC epidemiologist Ali Mokdar said. But
nobody is doing it.
       The share of the adult population diagnosed with diabetes jumped from
about 6.5 percent in 1998 to 6.9 percent in 1999, the CDC said. The obesity
rate increased to nearly one in five Americans  up from just 12 percent in
       Last August, the CDC reported that diabetes jumped 33 percent
nationally, to 6.5 percent, between 1990 and 1998. The rise crossed races and
age groups but was sharpest  about 70 percent  among people ages 30 to 39.

       CDC director Jeffrey Koplan said the effect on the nations health
costs will be overwhelming if the trends continue. This dramatic new
signals the unfolding of an epidemic in the United States, he said.

        The statistics, released Friday by the CDC, appear in the February
issue of the journal Diabetes Care. The report is based on a telephone survey
of 150,000 Americans.
       At least 16 million Americans have diabetes, which prevents the body
from regulating blood sugar. The number is expected to rise to 22 million by
       Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and
amputations and dramatically raises the risk of heart attacks. It kills
180,000 Americans each year.
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