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I had both of my kids on the CGMS in Dec.  The device
is similar to a second pump the way is attaches to a
site and it looks like a pump, maybe a little bigger. 
The thing that I wasn't expecting was the fact that
you had to enter on the sensor and a written log each
time you checked your bg, each time you ate and what
you ate, gave insulin and experienced a low.  This
means that you may have to train some people at
school, because this device also has errors where you
have to call MM.  You also must check your bg and
enter at a min. of 3 bgs or your entire day is wiped
out (even on the day your child will be disconnecting,
which may be only a few hous).  This costs $400 (for
each kid) which thankfully was covered but it might be
something to ask your dr to get pre-approval so there
are no surprises.  The really disappointing thing was
that we didn't learn that much.  What it showed that
my kids bounce around a lot.  The only change my dr
could suggest was one basal rate change in a three hr
period, for each child.  So if I had to pay for this
out of pocket I would be disenchanted by the lack of
real insight.  I would suggest that your child wear it
several times to get a good picture.  I wish that MM
had made it so that you could wear it for a week or
more to get more info to make some real changes for
the better.  I was very excited before my kids had the
chance to use this technology and really disapointed
with what it told us.
It really hits home the point that we all need to
lobby our elected officials for increased funding for
NIH because even with pumps and sensors, diabetes
still sucks, and we need some break throughs.

Please let me know if you have some more questions.

Sandi Pope 

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