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[IP] Re: Low blood sugar and ketones

>>I know Ketones is associated with High blood sugar,but is there any
possibility to have ketones with a low blood sugar?? If this were true & you
treated Ketones with more insulin [ with a low blood sugar ] what would

Unfortunately, we are experts at this! When Lauren is sick she almost always
has low blood sugar and ketones. The answer for us always ends up being a
double IV at the hospital -- one with  glucose, one with insulin and match
them until she recovers. It has happened five times since dx almost four
years ago. Every time I try to handle it at home and end up giving up. Just
met an adult with D who has same problem --- he said now the moment he
starts to show this, he gets admitted to hospital and is usually completely
fine in 24 hours. The ketones can be from "starvation" but the doctors don't
want her to have any ketones of any kind ever. So  they take it seriously
and so do I.


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