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Re: [IP] Injuries healing?

I broke a whole bunch of bones in my leg, ankle, and foot when I was in 
High School (after nine years of the diabeasties) and they healed up in the 
expected 6-week time frame.  I was completely miserable for at least two 
weeks, however, which I'm pretty sure is normal.  It hurts!

BTW, one thing the doctor told me was that the more I stressed the 
fractures and felt pain, the faster the healing would progress.  Their 
explanation was that the body responds to increased pain by speeding up the 
healing.  They encouraged me to bear weight on the broken bones as soon as 
I could tolerate it.  FWIW

After the cast comes off swimming is a great way to build muscle without 
aggravating the pain.


At 10:02 PM 1/25/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi!     I know that external wounds heal slower with diabetics, but was
>wondering about broken bones??  Does diabetes affect healing time with
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